In order to move EasyAds from a server onto another, you’ll have to first create a backup of your files and database.
You can do this from CPanel or from command line.
Once you have the backup in place, move it onto the new server in your domain public html folder (unzip it on the server first if need be).

After the files are uploaded in place, you will have to import the existing database into your new server(command line or phpmyadmin) and then edit the configuration file to reflect the new database data.
The configuration file you need to edit is located at “engine/config/db.php“.

Next, you’ll have to make sure following folders are writable by the web server: (chmod -R 0777)


And finally, make sure you add your cron jobs on the new server.
You can find the list of cron jobs you have to add after you login to the admin area on the new server and access admin ->  Miscellaneous -> Cron Jobs

That’s pretty much it.