We usually get the questions about Email System:

  • Why the emails are not sending from the queue?
  • Why sometimes the emails are sent and other times are stuck in queue?
  • Why Emails are all going to spam

Well the answer for those questions is very simple really.

Email System within EasyAds is built as powerful as it can be, it relays on SMTP settings your provide in the admin settings and it sends emails from the queue using the cron job minute that you can see in the cronjob list in admin.

Basically, if emails are not sending or sometimes they do and other times they don’t then please review your cron jobs on your server and get help of your hosting to understand why they are not executing each minute like you set them up.

on the same note, Emails are sent using your SMTP settings, so if the server you are sending with is not very trusted or is not set perfectly with your domain ( you may want to check DKIM, SPF and others for domain trusting ) then the email could get in Spam, and this is something EasyAds can not help because it’s not sending from it but from the SMTP settings you set in admin.

You could use trusted third party SMTP providers like Google, SendGrid, SparkPost … etc and if you have issues after that you can contact them directly to ask why your emails are ending in spam folder.