1. visit https://developers.facebook.com/
  2. Create a new app and fill all the required fields
  3. Go to Dashboard and copy Facebook app id and Facebook app secret to EasyAds admin -> settings -> general -> API keys
  4. Go to app settings -> basic and add the URL of your domain to App Domains
  5. Go to Facebook login app -> settings and add these URLs to Valid OAuth Redirect URIs:


  1. https://YOURDOMAIN/account/loginfb?authclient=facebook
  2. https://YOURDOMAIN/index.php/account/loginfb?authclient=facebook

Now, Go back to your Facebook app and click on the app review on the right menu.

Start a submission to make the app live and usable for login on EasyAds

HTTPS is mandatory on facebook now, so please be sure you have SSL installed on your server and activated.